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Vendors are missing out on a malware fighting technique

There is a growing controversy over the business of selling zero-day exploits, that is bugs in software that can be exploited by malware.  I say controversy because it is perfectly legal in the U.S. and many other jurisdictions for someone … Continue reading

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Tumblr is back on my good side

In a piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago I’d brought up the problem of Tumblr hosting phishing/malicious web sites.  Well after a few days of my feeding examples to Tumblr’s support team, and they taking down the sites, I haven’t … Continue reading

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Why a locked down Metro/WinRT model makes such a big difference to security

Secunia is reporting that 78% of end-point (individual computers for all those not in the security business) vulnerabilities are attributable to third-party software.  That’s everything from browser plug-ins like Flash and Java, to Adobe Reader, to Quicken or any other desktop … Continue reading

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Why are there so many website security breaches?

Over the weekend my wife and I decided to go pay our last respects to Borders Books.  I could write a blog entry on why they failed (which includes missing the Internet, then missing e-Readers), or why we bought nothing … Continue reading

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The insanity of using public computers

I approached the public PC in the lounge of Holland America’s Eurodam as though it carried the plague, and perhaps it did. The anti-malware signature were out of date, victims to the PC only having Internet connectivity when a user … Continue reading

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Adobe Reader installing McAfee Security Scan Plus Scareware

When I recently upgraded a couple of computers to the latest version of Adobe Reader I discovered something very disturbing.  The download installs software from McAfee (of all people) that amounts to Scareware (a type of Malware that tries to … Continue reading

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