Hal Portrait (small)

Hal Berenson is a founder of Industrial Strength Low-Code for the Edge platform developer Gaia Platform, LLC. In his 45 years in the industry Hal has worked on many areas of commercial computing, but is best known for leadership roles in the development of database technology, including Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Microsoft SQL Server, DEC (now Oracle) Rdb, and DEC DBMS-10/20. Prior to founding Gaia Platform, Hal was Vice President of Relational Database Services at Amazon Web Services, a Distinguished Engineer and General Manager at Microsoft Corporation, and a Senior Consulting Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation. Between stints at Microsoft Hal co-founded and served as President of Cloud startup PredictableIT, LLC. During failed attempts to retire Hal provides technology and management consulting through True Mountain Group, LLC.

The postings on this blog are Hal’s, and do not necessarily represent those of his current or previous employers.

More on Hal at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/hal-berenson/4/4a1/b8

More on Gaia Platform, LLC at http://gaiaplatform.io