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Is there a point of diminishing return on improving fuel economy?

Ok, I know this is mostly an information technology blog (although when I started it my intent was to cover technology in general) but I want to talk about automotive technology right now.  As I do with IT topics I … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform SUCKS

Not to go into something deep and philosophical here, but let me give my personal experience so far. Every plan I’ve looked at has worse coverage overall and/or costs more than our current insurance.  And we had terrible coverage before … Continue reading

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Apple TV and Xbox 720 to usher in new era of A/V-control interfaces

As a computer guy I’ve always hated the control interfaces that the Consumer Audio/Video (A/V) Equipment companies have put on their components.  They just can’t seem to get it right.  The Zenith-invented ultrasonic remote control interface dominated the field for over 20 years … Continue reading

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I know I’m going to get in trouble for this one.  I’ve been holding my tongue.  But it is just too good.  It’s fiction.  Not to say it wasn’t inspired by bits and pieces of reality… Two organizations enter a … Continue reading

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The so-called “Fiscal Cliff”

I know this isn’t IT or tech related, but for the next few days conversation is going to be dominated by the looming “Fiscal Cliff” more than by tech.  That’s sad for those of us who would much rather see … Continue reading

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What a different Best Buy experience

My wife and I have a love/hate relationship with Best Buy. For a long time they’ve been the only complete Bricks and Mortar game in town, but the shopping experience has been horrific. When you are neither the low-price leader … Continue reading

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And now a word from our sponsor

With summer well upon us I’m finding it hard to summon up the motivation to make blog postings.  For example, the Office 2013 preview announcement coincided with a two week driving trip.  And now I’m suffering from new puppy-induced sleep … Continue reading

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More proof that Toyota needs Microsoft-style Program Managers

Every few years I rent a Toyota Prius when I’m on one of my trips, and the most recent trip was one of them.  The Prius is a marvel of engineering, showing what is really possible when you choose a … Continue reading

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Pandora Internet Radio

I’d heard about Pandora some time ago but never gave it a try.  The other day during a discussion about how I was going to start redoing my home media setup over the holidays my friend Mark mentioned how great … Continue reading

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A couple of months of Kindle

Earlier I made comments about a number of new offerings, the Kindle amongst them, and I figure it’s time for follow-up.    I received a Sony Reader as a holiday gift, and then an Amazon Kindle for Valentine’s Day.  The Kindle … Continue reading

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