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Another little “shopping” trip to Best Buy and the Microsoft Store

With release of the Surface Pro imminent, and word on the street that both the Microsoft Store and Best Buy already had units on display, I made another stop at both of my local outlets.  I know I sound like … Continue reading

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A few odds and ends for a slow news day

Everyone else in the house apparently is still asleep, so I figure it’s a good time to write down some odds and ends! I finally had a decent experience with Best Buy carrying Microsoft Surface.  The store in Parker Colorado … Continue reading

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And now for another edition of How the Windows Eco-System Fails: Best Buy at its worst

I decided to pay a visit to my local Best Buy to see how things were shaping up for the final run up to Christmas.  Just after walking in the door I am greeted by this: Yes, the large Windows … Continue reading

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Just how are those Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 launches going?

The good news, Microsoft is delivering on its promise to blanket the media with Windows 8/Surface/Windows Phone 8 messages.  But when I put my feet on the ground and took a look at local retail outlets what did I see?  … Continue reading

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What a different Best Buy experience

My wife and I have a love/hate relationship with Best Buy. For a long time they’ve been the only complete Bricks and Mortar game in town, but the shopping experience has been horrific. When you are neither the low-price leader … Continue reading

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