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It’s all about the rhythm

(Note: I reveal no Microsoft secrets here.  I don’t have any on this topic to reveal, and I wouldn’t if I did!) I’ve always been amazed when reading blogs or articles written by Microsoft watchers how little many of them … Continue reading

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SYSWAN or Cisco?

For many years now I’ve been suffering with a low-speed (1.5Mb/s) DSL connection that prevented me from enjoying today’s Internet.  It was a nice step up from our previous Internet connection, Hughesnet, but didn’t allow streaming of movies, reliable video … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office for those who really don’t need Microsoft Office

I recently had a very pleasant experience when purchasing a new PC for my Mother.  She’s basically a user of email and instant messaging.  Plus, she writes about 10 letters (e.g., “please change my address…”) a year in Microsoft Word.  … Continue reading

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Is Microsoft going to miss the Internet TV/Streaming Video revolution?

My friends on Facebook know that one of my focuses since retiring from Microsoft has been reworking my home entertainment setup.  In researching all my options one thing stands out, Microsoft products are going to play a very small role … Continue reading

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Samsung Focus, AT&T Zero, and Micro-USB Cables

I recently acquired a Samsung Focus along with an AT&T Zero charger and, in order to qualify for a discount that more than made it free, added an AT&T branded extra Micro-USB cable to the lot.  For those unfamiliar with the … Continue reading

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