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It’s time for Windows XP to die

In a world where computer security and internet privacy are critical issues, one of the biggest problems we have is the continued use of Windows XP.  Fortunately there is progress in replacing Windows XP, with it being used on less … Continue reading

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When are we going to get serious about computer/network security (Part 2)?

Consider the first sentence of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 4272 published in 2006 and be afraid, be very afraid.  It reads “Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4), along with a host of other infrastructure protocols designed before the Internet … Continue reading

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What is wrong with Comcast?

As you might imagine, one of the first tasks in setting up an office is obtaining broadband service.    You’d think this would be easy, but you’d be oh so wrong. Both Comcast and Qwest are available in this bulding, so … Continue reading

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SYSWAN or Cisco?

For many years now I’ve been suffering with a low-speed (1.5Mb/s) DSL connection that prevented me from enjoying today’s Internet.  It was a nice step up from our previous Internet connection, Hughesnet, but didn’t allow streaming of movies, reliable video … Continue reading

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