True Mountain Group, LLC

True Mountain Group, LLC provides strategic advisory and consulting services to technology product and services companies.  Past projects have included:

– Provided architectural direction on the re-factoring of a major legacy system management product.

– Assisted an education and consulting services company in preparing for a new release of a major vendor product.  This included advising on the creation of new courseware and services, assisting in obtaining business from the vendor and in making vendor personnel aware of the company’s capabilities, assistance in recruiting new personnel, advising on the creation of a software tool product, and general advise on business strategy.

– Conducted an evaluation of a major software product still under development and provided feedback on required changes prior to the product entering Beta testing.

– Reviewed and provided design feedback on the planned documentation set for a major software product.

– Conducted technical due diligence for multiple acquisitions performed by a major software vendor.

– Recruiting assistance for a large software vendor.  This included technical screening interviews of the most senior level candidates, research on potential candidates, and participating in occasional recruiting events.

– Evaluation of investments on behalf of two venture capital funds

Hal Berenson, the President of True Mountain Group, is currently unavailable for new projects.

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