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Porting Microsoft SQL Server to Linux

I’ve been asked many times over the years about a port of Microsoft SQL Server to *nix (as we used to call it, since Unix was the primary offering in the Enterprise while Linux was just gaining traction).  Most recently … Continue reading

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Why are there so many website security breaches?

Over the weekend my wife and I decided to go pay our last respects to Borders Books.  I could write a blog entry on why they failed (which includes missing the Internet, then missing e-Readers), or why we bought nothing … Continue reading

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Windows XP support to end soon, and your use should end sooner!

I just wanted to remind everyone about a post I did a few months back on why it is time for Windows XP to die.

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Aren’t classified files encrypted?

Here is a frustrating one for me, a break-in on a defense contractor’s network results in the theft of 24,000 files.  There are Information Rights Management (IRM) products such as Microsoft’s AD-RMS that can be used to essentially encrypt individual files … Continue reading

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Windows Phone Mango to ship in September or December?

The blogosphere seems to be identifying two potential dates for Windows Phone Mango to ship.  Based on a comment SteveB made about Christmas some are trying to say December.  Based on a comment from Microsoft about Imagine Cup participants getting … Continue reading

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Internet Security Myths

eWeek recently published a nice article covering survey data that shows user understanding of PC security threats is outdated, which of course may lead to poor security practices.  Overall I like the article, but I take issue with what they claim … Continue reading

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