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Anatomy of a Startup – PredictableIT Part III

With writer’s block out-of-the-way it’s time to finally finish this story.  I apologize in advance for not polishing this more, but the stops and starts have caused problems.  And I either push this out now or who knows when it … Continue reading

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What a different Best Buy experience

My wife and I have a love/hate relationship with Best Buy. For a long time they’ve been the only complete Bricks and Mortar game in town, but the shopping experience has been horrific. When you are neither the low-price leader … Continue reading

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Is Microsoft the big winner in Apple’s win over Samsung?

Bill Gates would be the first to point out all the cases where Microsoft’s competitors made a key mistake that let Microsoft succeed.  Office is perhaps the most notable example, where competitors’ reluctance to support Microsoft Windows took Word and … Continue reading

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What’s Next for Microsoft

We all know that in the coming few weeks there will be many more details available on Microsoft’s 2012 product launches.  Final Windows 8 details, Surface details, the launch of Windows Phone 8, the launch of Office 2013, the Xbox Dashboard … Continue reading

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The $199 Microsoft Surface

Reports surfaced (no pun intended) today that Microsoft was going to offer the Surface at the $199 price point.  This should come as no surprise really, but read on for the catch. I telegraphed how Microsoft could reach the $199 … Continue reading

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Acer’s JT Wang is part of the problem

I find it hysterical that Acer Chairman JT Wang is the most vocal critic of Microsoft getting into the hardware business with the Surface.  You see, I still haven’t experienced Windows 8 in Portrait mode and it is his company’s … Continue reading

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A data point on the lack of Windows Phone 8 Upgrades

For those upset over Microsoft’s decision not to upgrade existing Windows Phone 7 devices to Windows Phone 8 (but rather to offer them a new Windows Phone 7.8 update) I offer this tidbit:  Nine months after replacing Android 2.3 with … Continue reading

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