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Anatomy of a Startup – PredictableIT Part III

With writer’s block out-of-the-way it’s time to finally finish this story.  I apologize in advance for not polishing this more, but the stops and starts have caused problems.  And I either push this out now or who knows when it … Continue reading

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What a different Best Buy experience

My wife and I have a love/hate relationship with Best Buy. For a long time they’ve been the only complete Bricks and Mortar game in town, but the shopping experience has been horrific. When you are neither the low-price leader … Continue reading

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Is Microsoft the big winner in Apple’s win over Samsung?

Bill Gates would be the first to point out all the cases where Microsoft’s competitors made a key mistake that let Microsoft succeed.  Office is perhaps the most notable example, where competitors’ reluctance to support Microsoft Windows took Word and … Continue reading

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What’s Next for Microsoft

We all know that in the coming few weeks there will be many more details available on Microsoft’s 2012 product launches.  Final Windows 8 details, Surface details, the launch of Windows Phone 8, the launch of Office 2013, the Xbox Dashboard … Continue reading

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The $199 Microsoft Surface

Reports surfaced (no pun intended) today that Microsoft was going to offer the Surface at the $199 price point.  This should come as no surprise really, but read on for the catch. I telegraphed how Microsoft could reach the $199 … Continue reading

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Acer’s JT Wang is part of the problem

I find it hysterical that Acer Chairman JT Wang is the most vocal critic of Microsoft getting into the hardware business with the Surface.  You see, I still haven’t experienced Windows 8 in Portrait mode and it is his company’s … Continue reading

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A data point on the lack of Windows Phone 8 Upgrades

For those upset over Microsoft’s decision not to upgrade existing Windows Phone 7 devices to Windows Phone 8 (but rather to offer them a new Windows Phone 7.8 update) I offer this tidbit:  Nine months after replacing Android 2.3 with … Continue reading

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You can’t defeat SPAM when legitimate mail looks like SPAM!

One of the subtle changes in Microsoft’s new replacement for Hotmail is that the messages about suspicious mail have changed.  In Hotmail messages are simply described as suspicious, in it is now clearly stated that the “sender failed our … Continue reading

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