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MFA – Still best described as PITA

This morning I read an article on how Multi-Factor Authentication has only been implemented by 22% of Microsoft Azure Active Directory customers. Now I’m a big believer in MFA, and protect as much as possible with it. But I still … Continue reading

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Twenty years, but seems like yesterday

Writing about September 11th is always hard for me, and I almost skipped it (again). Maybe just a tweet or two? No, too much to say. Twenty years has some extra significance to me as I think about the twentieth … Continue reading

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Windows XP’s Twentieth Anniversary

Ian McDonald recently posted a retrospective in honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of Windows XP. Because Windows XP didn’t age well in the era of exploding Internet security threats we have a tendency to demean it. But … Continue reading

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Reading tea leaves on the SEWIP Block III

Cybersecurity is all the rage these days, but decades before we worried about computer viruses, worms, ransomware, keyloggers, etc. (ok I did write a keylogger in 1973) the military was employing electronic warfare. Now this space, indeed all military tech, … Continue reading

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Masking Ignorance

I didn’t really know what to call this posts, but it is about the resistance to using masks in public to fight Covid-19. Whenever this comes up there is a tremendous amount of name calling on both sides of the … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Impact on AWS

The tl;dr version is that Covid-19 is putting at best mildly upward pressure on AWS growth rate, with dramatic acceleration in some areas and significant drop-offs in others. But to think that any PaaS/IaaS vendor can see dramatic growth while … Continue reading

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The CDC and Seniors, a disconnect

Because of Covid-19 the CDC is recommending that those over 60 (and anyone with chronic medical conditions) stock up and prepare to stay at home for the foreseeable future. Some articles have gone so far as to equate foreseeable future … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings (Part 2 – Gaia Platform)

Shortly after I retired from Amazon my wife and I decided we would need to temporarily relocate to New York to help out with family. Just after we arrived in NY my semi-retirement plan would take a u-turn. Literally. Back … Continue reading

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ARM in the Cloud

I know I’m long overdue on a “Part 2”, but wanted to slip this in first. I’ve long been a skeptic on ARM becoming a mainstream processor choice for servers. But today’s announcement by Amazon Web Services of the ARM … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings (Part 1 – AWS)

Last week’s announcement of Amazon Aurora Multi-Master being generally available marked a kind of ending for me. It also served as a reminder that I haven’t written anything about my new venture, Gaia Platform. So nearly two years after I … Continue reading

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