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The Travel Buddy PC

There have been a flurry of articles and blog posts lately on the topic of can the iPad Pro replace a PC (Windows or MacOS), and I thought it was time to wade in to the muck. If you’ve read … Continue reading

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Tablets, Phablets, and Phones: Is there change in the wind?

With the exception of Microsoft, most tech companies are posting somewhat disappointing results.  Particularly when it comes to sales of tablets and smartphones.  Now to some extent I think this is the result of overly aggressive projections by analysts.  Or … Continue reading

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Apple TV and Xbox 720 to usher in new era of A/V-control interfaces

As a computer guy I’ve always hated the control interfaces that the Consumer Audio/Video (A/V) Equipment companies have put on their components.  They just can’t seem to get it right.  The Zenith-invented ultrasonic remote control interface dominated the field for over 20 years … Continue reading

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Is Microsoft the big winner in Apple’s win over Samsung?

Bill Gates would be the first to point out all the cases where Microsoft’s competitors made a key mistake that let Microsoft succeed.  Office is perhaps the most notable example, where competitors’ reluctance to support Microsoft Windows took Word and … Continue reading

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Critics of the Microsoft Surface just don’t get it

The commentaries about the recently unveiled Microsoft Surface Tablet/”Ultrabook”/PC thingies is revealing.  Particularly the few from OEM executives, and the larger number from supporters of the status quo.  My summary of them: They don’t get “it”.  No not the Surface … Continue reading

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The Industry loses another Titan

I couldn’t let the day go by without commenting on Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple CEO.  But rather than write something totally new I’m going to post two entries I made on Facebook that capture my views of the situation: … Continue reading

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Bing going Mobile

Yesterday we had the announcement that Bing would become the default Search and Mapping solution for the next generation of RIM’s Blackberry.  Over the previous year we’ve seen Microsoft introduce excellent Bing apps for the iPhone and more recently iPad, work … Continue reading

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