And now a word from our sponsor

With summer well upon us I’m finding it hard to summon up the motivation to make blog postings.  For example, the Office 2013 preview announcement coincided with a two week driving trip.  And now I’m suffering from new puppy-induced sleep deprivation.  And so frankly you can expect my blog to be rather quiet for a while.

I’m sure one morning I’ll wake up, read some news, and suddenly be motivated to skip the sunshine and sit in front of a computer for two to three hours writing about it.  It almost happened this morning as I briefly felt like adding to Ed Bott’s comments on Office 365.  But sorry, I have other things to do.  Like chasing the puppy.  Because you definitely don’t want this to happen.

So keep checking back.  Eventually I’ll try to write something worth reading.

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4 Responses to And now a word from our sponsor

  1. Bob - former DECie says:

    You could at least post some pictures of the new puppy:-)

    When you return, I’d like to suggest a post on your thoughts about why Microsoft refuses to publicly disclose which patents it believes that Linux is infringing upon.

  2. MarcelDevG says:

    I would love to hear part 3 of your series “Anatomy of a startup – PredictableIT”, having done the same thing in the past.

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