The insanity of using public computers

I approached the public PC in the lounge of Holland America’s Eurodam as though it carried the plague, and perhaps it did. The anti-malware signature were out of date, victims to the PC only having Internet connectivity when a user signed on to the wifi network and was being billed Windows Update showed it had never been run. And oddly, it was kept logged in to an Administrator account at all times. Any of Eurodam’s over 2000 passenegrs could use the PC and infect it with whatever malware lurked in their email or visited websites. It was the mother of all infection carriers.

I backed away slowly. This was not a PC that I’d ever use. I slathered my hands with the nearby Purell hand sanitizer, not once but twice. As if I expected it to kill the deadly viruses in the public PC. Electronic death was waiting for someone, and there was little I could do to save them. But, YOU have been warned.

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