No real comments on today’s Microsoft announcements, yet

I can see from the stats that people are coming to my blog to see what I have to say about today’s announcement of Satya Nadella as Microsoft’s new CEO and Bill Gates putting in more time at Microsoft as Technical Advisor.  I’m not going to say much yet as I prefer to wait a few days and see what unique value I can add after all the news is out.  There will, of course, be more news over the next few days.  For example, in about an hour Satya and Bill are holding a company-wide meeting and I’m sure some more information will leak from that (e.g., a better description of what Bill’s involvement is going to be).

In case anyone is wondering, I’m thrilled by the choice of Satya as CEO.

So hang on a few days and I’ll add any unique insights I have.  But for now, enjoy the show!


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1 Response to No real comments on today’s Microsoft announcements, yet

  1. CriticalThinking says:

    Microsoft board booted Steve Ballmer to pursue change. It was a great opportunity to shake things up with a new CEO and a new imagination. Yes, that would introduce risk, but that was the intent behind the CEO search. At the end of a six month search, unfortunately, not much has changed.

    Microsoft is stuck with the same board and the same folks at the top. Gates essentially returned to a role he fulfilled in the aughts. If that didn’t help Microsoft resist Google’s and Apple’s advances, not sure how anything changes now.

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