Skimming the Surface

So, Microsoft took the “let us show what can really be done with Windows Tablets” route. From afar I like what I see. They didn’t say anything about 4G support, and I really want that. And I have some other nits to pick. But overall this was a good announcement. Yes there was innovation…I LUST after one of those keyboard/covers.

There was something subtle and important too. The Surface will only be available from the Microsoft Stores and some online channels. That means they will not be competing with OEMs in the channels they use. You won’t be comparing a Microsoft Surface with a Toshiba, HP, Dell, Lenovo, or Sony Tablet at your local Best Buy or Walmart. And you won’t be comparing it to a Samsung or Nokia Tablet at your carrier’s store. It is, at once, an iconic product line and one that OEMs can tolerate being in the market. Sure it will challenge OEMs to up their game, but that is a good…no great…thing. And it will let Microsoft control it’s image, and ultimately it’s success. And if the OEMs do let Microsoft down? Microsoft can expand both the channels and products in the Surface lineup. Carrot and Stick.

Please tell me these devices have 4G! If they do, tell me where I can pre-order.

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4 Responses to Skimming the Surface

  1. maxvernon says:

    Amen, HAL. I really really want one! Finally the world gets to see what a real tablet is!

  2. Bob - former DECie says:

    Hmmm. I’ve got to drive 2+ hours to the nearest Microsoft Store to see one in person and if I like it, figure out if I want the touch or type cover? What abou the people in parts of the country where the nearest Microsoft Store is an aircraft ride away? I build my own desktops and visit stores to check out monitors, keyboards, and mice before I buy them. I do the same with the case if I can find a store carrying what I’m interested in. I’m sure not going to spend $500+ on a touch device I’ve never touched.

    • Bob - former DECie says:

      Oops. “abou” should be “about”. Hey Hal, you can correct your typos, why can’t I 🙂

  3. josificus13 says:

    After digesting, thinking, and analyzing exactly what Surface means to the PC/tablet market, I basically came to the same conclusion. Too bad almost everyone in the media kind of missed the point and decided to publish some off-the-mark narrative (after the initial excitement worn off) around iPad vs Surface, another Microsoft hardware disaster looming, and how Surface will fail because there is no word on pricing, battery life on the two new devices…

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