I’m glad I’m running IE9

I’ve installed all three of the latest browsers and will try them side-by-side for a while.  Of course, the first thing one notices is that only IE9 has the Tracking Protection List feature.  I’m working on a blog post on that feature specifically, but all I can say is that unlike Firefox and Chrome this capability is built-in to IE9.  Yes, I can get add-ons for the other two to get similar protection.  But I do like it built-in.  BTW, I’m using the Easyprivacy TPL to eliminate (or at least reduce) tracking of my activities on the web.

I did get a phishing email today and decided to see how each browser handled the link it contained.  Firefox and Chrome let me go to the bogus link without warning (not a surprise since they both allow it since they both use the same Google service for identifying phishing sites).  IE9’s Smartscreen filter blocks access to the site with a warning that it has been reported to Microsoft as being a phishing site.    I reported the site to Google and will check back in a day or so to see if Chrome and Firefox are blocking it yet.

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2 Responses to I’m glad I’m running IE9

  1. halberenson says:

    The URL for the phishing attack is no longer valid, so it no longer matters that Chrome and Firefox didn’t block access. But it sure would have for anyone who clicked on the link yesterday!

  2. halberenson says:

    Found another Phishing email today. Once again IE9 blocks access to the link, but Google and Firefox do not. The link is quite scary in that the page it takes you too is a perfect rendition of American Express’ homepage. Most users who go to the site will undoubtedly try to login, thus revealing their Amex credentials.

    I’m getting the impression that Microsoft is doing a better job of updating Smartscreen to block the latest Phishing threats than Google is doing on the filter that Chrome, Firefox, and Safari use.

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