Ripping CDs

The most painful part of redoing my home entertainment setup is re-ripping all our CDs.  When we built the house 5 years ago (and made decisions even before that) we went with a then state-of-the-art Escient Fireball as our music server.  The Fireball was connected to a Sony CD jukebox, and while you could rip all the CDs to its hard drive space was a consideration so generally we just played music off the jukebox until we wanted to rip a particular CD to put it on an iPod.  Well, this never really did work well.  Beyond that the Fireball just didn’t work all that well.  Tell it to rip a range of CDs in the jukebox and you never knew what you’d get.  Sometimes it would hang part way through.  Often it would corrupt a song or two.  It’s UI was just painful.  So for a couple of years I’ve been planning to replace the Fireball, but it is a rather large investment to just throw away.  So I waited…until the hard drive failed.  Now my Fireball is a boat anchor.  YES!  The only bad thing is that we don’t have a complete, error-free, copy of our music library anywhere.  So I’m re-ripping the entire CD collection so I can keep the entire library on our Windows Home Server.  I’m glad I’ll be taking a lot of time off over the next two weeks!

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