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Tablets, Phablets, and Phones: Is there change in the wind?

With the exception of Microsoft, most tech companies are posting somewhat disappointing results.  Particularly when it comes to sales of tablets and smartphones.  Now to some extent I think this is the result of overly aggressive projections by analysts.  Or … Continue reading

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PCs are the new Mainframe, and not in the good sense

Every time I write something about Microsoft’s strategy, and suggest the classic desktop PC (and the desktop, indeed the WIMP model itself,)  is becoming a niche offering, I get inundated with comments challenging my position.  Now this just in from Gartner, … Continue reading

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Is it ‘Game Over’ in Smartphones?

The Smartphone war seems to be shaping up to look very much like an earlier paradigm shift in computing.  Sure analogies are imperfect, but let me try this one on you. It was 1983 and the computing industry was in … Continue reading

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