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Strike 3 for AT&T?

In my entry on AT&T’s Unlimited Plan debacle I discussed why despite AT&T’s customer unfriendly policies I was probably going to stick with them.  Now I’m having second thoughts on that conclusion, because of AT&T’s refusal to ship Windows Phone updates … Continue reading

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Unlimited Data Plans: A reality check

AT&T has really been pissing me off lately with their attitude towards unlimited data plans.  Look, if you don’t want to respect your original definition of “unlimited” then stop screwing around and just eliminate the plans.  Nothing could be worse … Continue reading

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When are we going to get serious about computer/network security (Part 3 – WiFi)?

I recently updated my Samsung Focus with the Windows Phone 7 NODO update and received a feature I am not sure I wanted, support for the WISPr protocol.  WISPr support, long present on the iPhone, allows your AT&T smartphone to automatically and transparently switch … Continue reading

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The Continuing Microsoft and AT&T Windows Phone “NoDo” Debacle

Let’s see now, the “early 2011″ Windows Phone 7 update (now known as NoDo) from Microsoft turned into a March update which in the case of AT&T customers is now starting to look like a late April or even May … Continue reading

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What’s all this I keep hearing about 4G?

While I wait for the pipes at home to thaw, or burst and thaw, I might as well get in a quick blog entry. Every mobile carrier in the U.S. is out advertising 4G, so I went in search of … Continue reading

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