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Hilltop Steakhouse Flash Mob

Sadly this article in the New York Times reminds me of a curious lesson in technology as well as putting another dent in any desire to return to the Boston area. The Hilltop Steakhouse in Saugus, MA never represented fine … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform SUCKS

Not to go into something deep and philosophical here, but let me give my personal experience so far. Every plan I’ve looked at has worse coverage overall and/or costs more than our current insurance.  And we had terrible coverage before … Continue reading

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How much influence is Microsoft having on Nokia right now?

None.  Ok, very little.  Probably less that they were having before they concluded a deal for Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s device business.  Why?  It’s simple folks, anti-trust law.  With the caveat that I’m not a lawyer let me explain the … Continue reading

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The Future of Microsoft – Part 2

What is Microsoft’s core problem?  It missed both the consumer Smartphone and Tablet revolutions.  And then on top of that it failed to provide a compelling path forward for its traditional PC business.  So now it is struggling to recover … Continue reading

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The Future of Microsoft – Part 1

Right after the announcement that Steve Ballmer would be retiring within the next year I was bombarded with emails asking if this meant that X or Y would be sold off, or as the subject of a friend’s email asked … Continue reading

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