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The so-called “Fiscal Cliff”

I know this isn’t IT or tech related, but for the next few days conversation is going to be dominated by the looming “Fiscal Cliff” more than by tech.  That’s sad for those of us who would much rather see … Continue reading

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A few odds and ends for a slow news day

Everyone else in the house apparently is still asleep, so I figure it’s a good time to write down some odds and ends! I finally had a decent experience with Best Buy carrying Microsoft Surface.  The store in Parker Colorado … Continue reading

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Putting Expression Studio’s demise in perspective

Microsoft’s recent move to disband the Expression Studio suite, and discontinue some of its component products, is the latest example of a retrenchment that is returning the Developer Division (DevDiv) to its roots.  Understanding that history will help make sense of … Continue reading

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Does Microsoft have a Phablet Strategy?

Recent reports are that HTC cancelled a Windows Phone 8-based entry into the so-called Phablet category.  Phablets, for those who don’t follow these things, are crossover devices between Phones and Tablets with screen sizes starting at 5″.  I tend to think … Continue reading

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And now for another edition of How the Windows Eco-System Fails: Best Buy at its worst

I decided to pay a visit to my local Best Buy to see how things were shaping up for the final run up to Christmas.  Just after walking in the door I am greeted by this: Yes, the large Windows … Continue reading

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Some Anti-Malware basics

This is not a blog post for the IT professional, unless you have little idea how anti-malware, reputation, etc. work.  It is a small primer for those who don’t quite get all this anti-malware stuff. At its core anti-malware seems … Continue reading

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Google’s Exchange ActiveSync Debacle

I’m having trouble getting too worked up about Google’s decision to drop Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support for non-paying customers of Gmail et al.  If this really was an attempt to slow Microsoft’s progress in mobile it was both petty and … Continue reading

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