Tumblr is back on my good side

In a piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago I’d brought up the problem of Tumblr hosting phishing/malicious web sites.  Well after a few days of my feeding examples to Tumblr’s support team, and they taking down the sites, I haven’t seen new SPAM that links to Tumblr sub-domains.  I doubt my small stream of examples was enough to convince spammers to stop using Tumbr subdomains.  More likely Tumblr made some change to their processes to stop the abuse.

So I’ve re-enabled access to tumblr.com in my router and thank them for apparently addressing this problem.


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One Response to Tumblr is back on my good side

  1. Good for you, now you can follow “Text from dog” http://textfromdog.tumblr.com/ :)

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