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What makes you think they know anything?

I’m constantly fascinated by reports in which someone with an important-sounding title at a company makes a statement that sets the blogosphere and twitterverse ablaze.  For example, a country-level marketing manager or an evangelist.  Obviously it must be true because … Continue reading

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How will Microsoft keep existing Windows Phone’s “Fresh”?

When queried about Windows Phone 8 upgrades for existing handsets both Microsoft and Nokia officials have deflected the question with comments about supporting existing customers and keeping their experience “fresh”.  The most direct interpretation of these statements is that Windows … Continue reading

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Slow Industry Response to Malware Reports is Killing Us

One of the biggest threats to the world of computing is how slow vendors are to respond to malware threats.  For example, it took Apple 49 Days after Adobe fixed a vulnerability in Flash to make that fix available to OS X … Continue reading

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Samsung and AT&T Send Messages

Today Samsung and AT&T announced the Samsung Focus 2 would be coming to AT&T in a couple of weeks.  While the phone itself is interesting, what it really important here are the messages that both AT&T and Samsung are trying … Continue reading

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Media Center, DVD Playback, and Microsoft’s Media Strategy

There is quite a bit of noise in the system after Microsoft’s announcement this week that Windows Media Center would be a separate add-on to Windows 8, and even more noise regarding the decision to remove DVD playback from Windows … Continue reading

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Looking for the Microsoft Nook

Microsoft has always had a thing for electronic books, but turning that into a successful venture?  That’s a whole other story.  Microsoft entered the electronic book reader business 12 years ago with the release of Microsoft Reader 1.0 as part … Continue reading

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