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Forget Mix, Remember TechEd

Now that Microsoft has formally killed it’s Mix conference let’s talk about how it is going to bring Windows Phone 8 and updates on Windows 8 to developers.  First a little on Mix, then a discussion of the difficulties of … Continue reading

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Untangling some of the people moves at Microsoft

Yesterday Mary Jo Foley broke the news that the father of Windows NT (and DEC’s RSX-11M and VAX/VMS) Dave Cutler had moved from the Windows Azure team (of which he was one of the founders) to the Xbox team.  Other bloggers … Continue reading

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Skype: Get real about what to expect after the Microsoft acquisition

There is a lot of noise in the system this week questioning when we’ll see the first fruit of Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype.  I think it is important to put this acquisition in context, because I find people’s expectations a … Continue reading

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Microsoft Trustworthy Computing (TwC)

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of Bill Gates’ Trustworthy Computing email to all of Microsoft.  Most consider this a transitional event for Microsoft, in particular being the point at which Security assumed its proper position as the most important of … Continue reading

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Is 2012 the year people break the Cable habit?

Will this be the year you break the cable habit and move entirely to getting your “TV” entertainment over the Internet?  The Wall Street Journal’s Kevin Sintumuang has.  For those who watch a very limited amount of  TV, have a … Continue reading

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