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When are we going to get serious about computer/network security (Part 1)?

I’m going to start a little series of posts to demonstrate that “we” aren’t serious about computer and network security. By “we” I mean everyone from individual users of mobile phones and computers through to the government, telecommunications carriers, and … Continue reading

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Is it ‘Game Over’ in Smartphones?

The Smartphone war seems to be shaping up to look very much like an earlier paradigm shift in computing.  Sure analogies are imperfect, but let me try this one on you. It was 1983 and the computing industry was in … Continue reading

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An idea for WP7

I’ve been sitting here staring at WordPress trying to get going on a blog about the state of the Smartphone market.  One paragraph in and I decide to change the approach and delete it.  Start again and a different post … Continue reading

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What is wrong with Comcast?

As you might imagine, one of the first tasks in setting up an office is obtaining broadband service.    You’d think this would be easy, but you’d be oh so wrong. Both Comcast and Qwest are available in this bulding, so … Continue reading

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The rebirth of True Mountain Group

After I retired from Microsoft in 2002 I started doing some part-time consulting for fun, to keep my hand in the IT world, and of course for a little extra spending money.  I put that business, True Mountain Group LLC, on hold … Continue reading

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Short update on my WP7 release cycle post

Well, I can’t say I got a lot out of the CES announcements.  I think Microsoft wanted to reserve the bulk of the Windows Phone news for Mobile World Congress next month but had to say something at CES or … Continue reading

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Bob Muglia’s departure and what it means for Microsoft

I was shocked yesterday when an alert popped up on CNBC that Bobmu was going to leave Microsoft.  Of course, a little more investigation revealed that Bob was only leaving after Steve Ballmer decided to replace him as head of STB.  … Continue reading

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