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GM and Hybrids

Ok, I don’t get it.  The new Malibu Hybrid gets less than 10% MPG improvement over the non-Hybrid version in both city and highway mileage.  The Toyota Camry Hybrid shows a 57% improvement on city and just under 10% on … Continue reading

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Rural America is adapting to rising fuel prices

Three years ago, with gas prices on the rise, one of my friends got tired of pouring $ into her F250 for going to/from work, shopping, etc.  She absolutely needed the F250 to pull her horse trailer, but it was … Continue reading

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Controlled Information Release

Wow, what a dry title! Mary Jo Foley has continued the trend of Bloggers expressing indignation over how little Microsoft has said about Windows 7 (Windows 7: The information lockdown continues by ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley — When is Microsoft … Continue reading

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Windows Home Server

Another update…I replaced my Seagate Mirra Server with an HP MediaSmart Server running Windows Home Server.  Installation of the server was painless, it’s basically a black box.  Installation of the client software, on each client, was also painless.  Far better … Continue reading

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A couple of months of Kindle

Earlier I made comments about a number of new offerings, the Kindle amongst them, and I figure it’s time for follow-up.    I received a Sony Reader as a holiday gift, and then an Amazon Kindle for Valentine’s Day.  The Kindle … Continue reading

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